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Andrew White


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About Andrew White

My history in the Real Estate Business started 20 years ago. In 1995 I was licensed as an agent in the business of Real Estate. Back then, I got my property listings from books that came out every 2 weeks; my technology tools were a fax machine and bag phone. Less than a year later, the first online MLS system called Remis came out and it downloaded every night to our office desktop computer. Much has changed since then. In the past, the consumer came to us for information (Property Listings), now the consumer has all the information they need at their fingertips. My role as an agent has changed considerably. My skills as a transaction manager, negotiator, property expert, resource provider, counselor, and market analyst are paramount to my role as an agent in today’s Real Estate world. The following is a summary of my path and the skills that I have developed which serve me well to provide the best possible experience for my clients. 

Hands on Education in Housing 1995-2000. After graduating from College and working in Sales in the Boston area for a Telecommunications company, I was asked to join a small family Real Estate business in my home town of Derry, NH. After passing the exam for my Real Estate Sales License, I started selling an inventory of foreclosed homes for my firm, which also did property management for a government agency. Half of my week consisted of rehabbing foreclosed homes and the other half selling them. I eventually began listing and selling privately owned homes as well. I was able to experience the total gutting of a home “down to the studs”, and complete renovation and marketing as a much improved piece of Real Estate. In this same period of time I began my experience in building and development as my colleague purchased several raw lots and constructed and sold new homes on site. I was able to experience the contrast between buying a building lot in 1997 for $15,000, and as the market quickly appreciated, buying lots in the same geographic market for roughly ten times more at $146,000. My base of knowledge grew quickly in my first five years in the “biz”. 

Investing in my own Firm 2000-2008 In early 2000, I co-invested in two commercial buildings. One was renovated into a modern Real Estate Sales Office. The other was renovated and kept as income property. I acquired my Broker’s License and started hiring and managing my own agents. I hired salespeople with no real estate experience and trained my own staff. By 2004 the firm had ten agents and our best year we sold 156 properties. My focus was on new construction and representing a number of local of home builders. 

In the same period of time, my Building and Development partnership ramped up. We focused on many single lot home sales and several multi lot developments, in addition to multiple investment/renovation projects. Each investment, whether a renovation or new construction, was a new education on acquisition, financing, cost basis and pricing, sellers’ and buyers’ logic and mindset. We were moving along, but at the same time the Real Estate market was changing dramatically. Our largest investment, with 6 zeros, was placed in early 2005 and the market crashed that same year. It was a titanic education and my most memorable experience in Real Estate. 

Elevating my Leadership Skills 2008-2013 In 2008 I accepted a Broker Manager position with the largest Real Estate Firm in Northern New England. I ran a modest size office of 18 agents in a high end market. I thrived in team building, coaching and motivation and within a year moved on to assistant manage the firm’s largest 70 agent office. Within 14 months I was offered the lead Broker Manager position of my company’s largest office. My duties included transaction management (over 600 a year), training, recruiting, weekly sales meetings, team building, conflict resolution, new agent hiring and training, regional training for other offices, and selling some real estate when I found time. In 2013 I took a step back to manage a smaller office to make more time for my growing family. , I decided to enter into the Commercial Real Estate area to compliment my residential business. I affiliated with the Commercial MLS systems and Commercial Realtor Board. I feel my extensive background is suited to assist anyone with their real estate needs. 

Getting Back To My Roots 2014-2016

In 2014 I stepped away from Management completely and decided to focus on working with Buyers and Sellers where my career began. For two years I’ve ramped up my promotion and marketing of my Residential and Commercial Sales services. My business is mostly referral based with a pool of past clients and contacts that find my experience in the business an asset to refer to family and friends. I completed 36 transactions with approximately 9 Million dollars in sales of Real Estate in 2016. 

To compliment my Real Estate Sales business I started A&W Properties and partnered with a local contractor to invest, build, renovate and sell my own properties once again. This endeavor provides many benefits to my existing clients & contacts in terms of services available. It’s all about Service!


I am very excited to of partnered with Innovative Realty in 2017 to bring the newest REMAX office to southern NH. I am thrilled to take on a management role and owner brokerage back to my professional life. I enjoy and thrive teaching others what I know about this ever-changing business. I take pride in showing people the right way to operate in this business. 

My clients now have an experienced agent being backed by the most recognized name in Real Estate. REMAX offers a wealth of tools and services that help make me a better agent and provide better service to my clients. If you are seeking an experienced agent that is engaged in many areas of the Real Estate business contact me today!

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